Original Buyers Order


Above is a photo of the original buyers order from Teeter Motor Company in Melvern, Arkanasas, December 28th, 1970.  I was fortunate to have located and contacted Mr. Robert Jenkins on the phone, May 1st, 2009 and ask him a number of things about the car as well as himself.  Mr. Jenkins was a very nice man and happy to share what he could remember after 40 years had past.  Here is how the conversation went with Mr. Jenkins give or take a few minutes of conversation outside of these questions;


  1. I am in search of the vehicles build sheet and window sticker that identifies specific details about the way the vehicle was assembled at the plant.  Any chance you remember removing this document from the car?  No, I don't think so. 
  2. The document that I recently discovered that helped me identify and find you shows the vehicle was a new demo.  Do you remember any details about the demo status?  I would assume the dealer was driving the car as demo.  It was a dealer demo with a few miles on it at the time I bought it.  
  3. During the restoration process, I discovered that the car was wrecked pretty hard in the left rear at one time.  Do you know if this was done while you owned the car?  No, some one else must have. 
  4. Approximately how old were you and what occupation did you have when you bought this car in late 1970?  I was about 26 or 27 and working in the logging industry  
  5. You said you owned the car for approximately 2 years Yes, it was about 2 years or less? 
  6. What caused you to sell the car just 2 years later?  That car had the those carburators that never wanted to run right.  I spent too much time under the hood on those carburators if I remember. 
  7. Is this the same career you retired from?  Ya, pretty much so…  
  8. Was the car a daily driver for you?  Yes, it was the only rig I had at the time.  
  9. It appears you were a Mopar man considering your 68 Barracuda you traded in to purchase this car.  Yes. I drove Chrysler products up until about 2000.  They were pretty reliable up until about then. 
  10. Is there any chance you or one of your family members would have a photo or any related documentation associated with the car still?  No, I'm afraid not
  11. Any chance you currently use email or the internet so I may send you some current photos? No, I’m an old timer.  I’d maybe know how to turn the thing on and that’s about it…

At the time of purchase, Mr Jenkins lived in Kerby, AR, not very far away from Melvern, AR where the Teeter Motor Company dealership was.  He currently resides in Glenwood, AR.  As you may see in the purchase order, Mr. Jenkins traded a 1968 Plymouth Barracuda convertible in for the AAR.  He said he really missed the 68 because he personally special ordered that car with a 383, Dana 60 and 4 speed. "It was a fun car to drive" he said.

Following our phone conversation, I sent Mr. Jenkins a follow up letter in the mail, thanking him for his time and information along with a number of photo's of how the car looks today.  I look forward to hopefully filling in the remaining 20 year gap between 1972 and 1992 in the coming months and years.

Below is a detailed description of the VIN Tag details on my AAR... This defines the equipement it was built with.



Below are photos of the various matching VIN's from the dash pad, the driver side door jam, the cowl, the VIN plates on the driver side inner fender as well as the radiator core support.